MyCleanPC: A CCleaner Alternative That Offers More

There are a lot of PC cleaning programs to choose from out there. How do you know you're making the right choice? For most people, it's all about comparing the features and benefits of each, to make sure they're installing something that's really going to get the job done.

MyCleanPC goes head to head with some of the best programs out there, providing the same great results, with more features and user benefits than industry leaders like CCleaner. In fact, we're a CCleaner alternative that goes beyond, offering conveniences you wouldn't otherwise have access to with CCleaner's free-to-download version

Antivirus benefits

One of the biggest concerns of any PC owner is virus protection. Especially today, you need to make sure your computer is protected against malicious viruses that could compromise your data or leave your computer vulnerable to attack.

Unfortunately, many PC cleaning programs stop short of offering antivirus protection as part of their free service — instead making it part of upgrades or paid support packages. Not MyCleanPC! Our CCleaner alternative offers antivirus protection that's included for the first year, giving you complete peace of mind in your PC's protection for 365 days after you download it. We don't upcharge you to protect your operating system

The great thing about bundling antivirus software with our PC cleaning program is that we're able to offer an all-in-one solution to PC users. Instead of needing separate programs for cleaning, optimizing and virus scanning/removal, we put all of these capabilities at your fingertips and make them as simple as running a single program!

A USA-based CCleaner alternative

One of the biggest problems when downloading any program is the lack of real user support. While many developers may provide an FAQ section or simple tutorial videos, few actually have someone to help you if you encounter unique problems. And, those that do often outsource their support to service reps who only have a vague idea of how the program works or what your needs are. It can be frustrating to get help!

As a USA developer with USA-based tech support, MyCleanPC takes pride in ensuring your needs are met at all times. CCleaner and other CCleaner alternatives either don't offer USA-based tech support or are developed overseas, where it might be harder for you to get the help you need due to time zone differences, language barriers, cultural understandings and more.

And, because MyCleanPC is developed in the USA, choosing to download our PC cleaner application means supporting a USA-based business.

An easy-to-use interface

If you're downloading a PC cleaner program, it's likely because you value simplicity. Instead of having to go through and perform a bunch of cleaning tasks, you want something that does this for you! What you don't want is another complicated program that's hard to learn and use.

The MyCleanPC interface is intuitive, easy-to-use and refreshingly smooth. Our CCleaner alternative is meant to make your life simple! Instead of having to go through and figure out each feature for yourself and optimize the program's function, our app does everything for you to provide optimum results each and every time you use it. It's sleek, speedy and simple: perfect for PC users who just want to set it and forget it as it runs all of the checks and tasks you need it to.

Give your PC more!

The purpose of downloading a PC cleaner program is to make sure you're taking good care of your computer. It's also important to make sure you're getting the most for your money. Before you shell out the cash for a program like CCleaner, take a moment to explore a CCleaner alternative like MyCleanPC. We promise you'll get the same great results, with more features and benefits than you'd expect from other, costlier programs.

MyCleanPC works hard to keep your computer free of junk, running at peak speeds and backed by a tech support team that will help you get the most out of our application. You shouldn't have to settle for a PC cleaner program that's only "good enough." Instead, you should have complete confidence that your program is truly working to make your operating system better and faster.

Download MyCleanPC today and explore just how helpful a CCleaner alternative can be when it comes to speeding up and protecting your computer. With our powerful application installed on your operating system, you'll be able to get the performance you demand from your computer, no matter how old it might be!